Frequently asked questions

This site lets you earn Dogecoin (DOGE) to mine cryptocurrency in your browser.

You must have a Telegram account to use this service.

To get started, send a message to @RealDogeMiningBot on Telegram.

Then, use the /mine command to get your miner link. Click this link to start mining.

You will automatically earn DOGE by competing in daily and weekly contests.
Your position in contests is determined by your total hashes mined compared to other players.

Use the /stats command to see your hash rate and details about the current contests.

You can also earn DOGE by referring other users to the bot.
You will earn 20% of each user's mining power, and 2 DOGE for each new miner.

Use the /referrals command to get your referral link.
Use the /withdraw command. You will be shown your available balance and the minimum withdrawal amount.

If you have at least the minimum balance required for withdrawals, you will be asked for your Dogecoin address.

You must enter a valid Dogecoin address that accepts the amount you are sending.

There is a withdrawal fee of 1 DOGE. Your withdrawal will be sent within ~10 minutes.

Use the /history command to see your last 5 withdrawals.

It is best to store your Dogecoin in a privately controlled wallet, not an exchange.

A good online wallet service where you can get a Dogecoin address is

Be sure to backup your paper wallet, so you do not lose access to your funds.
Withdrawals are sent within five minutes after requesting them. Use the /history command to see your last five transactions.

To verify that your withdrawal was really sent, visit the URL next to where it says txn: for each transaction.

Consult your wallet provider to find out how long it takes to receive payments. Each wallet service has different rules for the minimum amount they accept. We are unable to refund payments sent to the wrong address.